Upside Learning Announces ‘Switch & Save Offer’ On UpsideLMS

August 2012

Encouraging organisations to switch over to a new LMS, Upside Learning today announced an exciting ‘Switch & Save offer’ on its best value Learning Management System – UpsideLMS. An excellent opportunity for organisations planning to replace their existing LMS, the offer entails organisations to a 50% discount on data migration cost by switching to UpsideLMS.

The main focus of our ‘Switch & Save offer’ is to make the switching process easy and painless for organisations. Over the past 8 years, we have helped organisations – both small and large – to migrate from one system to another. Our expertise and experience in this will ensure that the end result is positive for the organisations giving a high return on the time invested in the process.

Amit GautamDirector of Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

Switch And Save UpsideLMS

As a leader in the Learning Management System domain, Upside Learning understands the multiple reasons driving organisations to switch their LMS. But, what deters organisations from switching is the common concern of data migration; a process that calls for data extraction, data mapping and data loading, amongst many other crucial tasks. The data migration fees, which form the main component of every switching endeavour, are a direct function of the quantum of data to be migrated – which in turn is dependent on the organisation size, number of employees, years of usage of the existing LMS etc. Further the sensitive nature of this data, which includes user profiles, courses, reports, user history, confidential documents etc., adds to the complexity of the process.

Upside Learning’s ‘Switch & Save offer’ addresses this very concern. Switching to UpsideLMS will enable organisations to save huge cost of data migration, which otherwise is inevitable when switching from one LMS to another. Upside Learning’s vast expertise and experience in switching will further smoothen the process. Apart from the discount on the data migration cost, organisations will be able to enjoy free implementation, hosting and 24x7 technical support.

The ‘Switch & Save offer’ will run for three months starting 27th August, 2012. Parallel to this offer, Upside Learning has also planned a series of webinars on ‘LMS Switching’. The first webinar – ‘Simplifying the LMS Switching Process: Switching for Good’ – will be conducted on 12th September, 2012. Interested individuals can register for the webinar here.

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