Partnership Programs

Partnership Programs to Suit Your Business Model

Authorised Reseller

Referral Partners

Authorised Reseller


  1. An independent eLearning solutions provider with a proven ability to independently sell applicable products and represent our company in a professional manner.
  2. Should have trained sales representatives, technical consultants/sales and support engineers.

Program Requirements

  1. Enter into a distribution license for UpsideLMS, where the reseller is further entitled to provide license for the end client/s
  2. Responsible for successfully closing a business opportunity independently with support from our sales team
  3. Should allow its company logo and contact information to be listed in the 'Partner' section of our website


  1. Product software for demonstration purposes
  2. Sales tools (Includes logos, white papers, demo tools, case studies, etc.)
  3. Access to UpsideLMS sales training
  4. Lead referrals from us for opportunities in the partner’s sales territory
  5. Eligibility for early or pre-release access to new software and product updates
  6. Technical and marketing updates via website, e-mail and newsletter
  7. Joint customer success stories
  8. Listing on 'Partner' page on our website
Referral Partners


  1. Can be an individual or an organisation
  2. Need not be from a learning domain but should be willing to introduce our company and UpsideLMS to its existing business network, associates and clients with a possible business opportunity

Program Requirements

  1. Introduction to any business opportunity
  2. No binding towards minimum business commitment
  3. Can approach us as and when it comes across such an opportunity


  1. Commissions on first year license sales to the referred client
  2. Regular updates on our company, our solutions and services, including marketing information, press releases, etc.
  3. Commissions will be paid 7 days after we have received payment from the customer

Become A Sales Partner

Your Path to Success


  1. Introduction to dedicated Upside Learning Partner Consultant
  2. Co-branded UpsideLMS collaterals, including help manuals


  1. In-depth training sessions on UpsideLMS


  1. Regular updates on product, pricing models and upcoming releases
  2. FAQs answered via email or telephonic conversation

Marketing & Sales

  1. Access to Sales tools (Includes logos, white papers, demo tools, case studies, etc.)
  2. Best practices for marketing share
  3. Help on creating co-branded marketing materials (includes emailers, webinars etc.)
  4. Dedicated Upside Learning Partner Consultant to help you win sales pursuits
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