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Backed by 14 years of experience, 40+ awards and recognition, and trusted by 1M+ users worldwide, we are a leading learn-tech company enabling organisations to manage their Online, Offline, Formal, Informal and Mobile Learning in an efficient, easy and effective way.

Our portfolio of solutions and services includes:

  1. UpsideLMS - A cloud-based, full-featured Learning Management System with support for Online, Offline, Formal, Social/Informal and Mobile Learning.
  2. UpsideLMS Mobile - The (online) Mobile App extension of our multi-award-winning learning platform, UpsideLMS, for delivering Online, Formal (including ILT and Virtual) and Social Learning.
  3. UpsideMOVE - A Mobile App for delivering Offline (no Internet) training in the form of Videos, Reference Materials and Courses, powered by UpsideLMS.
  4. Off-the-Shelf eLearning - A wide range of ready-to-use, mobile-friendly, micro-learning eLearning videos and courses.

Steered by a leadership team that brings decades of experience and expertise to the table, UpsideLMS is a mixed talent-pool of committed individuals in various fields - Programming, QA, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing and Graphic Designing - who have made it their mission to make L&D a success for Small- and Medium Sized Businesses, Large Enterprises and Training Companies.

We are a part of Upside Learning, one of the world's leading workplace learning technology solutions providers. Upside Learning is also renowned for adding value to learning businesses through its wide range of Custom Learning services.

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Best Advance in
Learning Management Technology
for SMBs

Best Advance in
Learning Management Technology

Featured in TrainingIndustry.com's
Learning Portal Companies Watch List
(2011 - 2016)

Silver in
Learning In Practice Awards
by CLO magazine

Listed as one of the 'Five Emerging LMSs to Watch' in CLO Magazine, July 2010

Best Advance in
Learning Management Technology
for Compliance Training

Best Advance in
Social Learning Technology

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