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UpsideLMS brings workplace wellbeing programs into employees’ homes

July 2020

UpsideLMS, a leading provider of learning technology solutions to blue chip companies around the world, was amongst the first organizations in Pune to transition to remote working at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in India. By mid-March, all of UpsideLMS’ 70+ employee were working from home, complete with tech-setup and necessary protocols for information security, inter-team communication and coordination, customer service etc. In another first, UpsideLMS, after recognizing the challenges of balancing personal and professional commitments, the shared physical space with family, the additional burden of caregiving and housekeeping, has complemented its tech strategy with online wellness and wellbeing programs.

Covering diverse aspects of work and life, including but not restricted to fitness, wellness, finance, health, nutrition, these online wellness and wellbeing programs are conducted by industry experts in the respective fields. One such program, called ‘Wellness Wednesdays’, sees the entire UpsideLMS family come together in a virtual session for 30-45 minutes every Wednesday. Each session not only equips the team members to understand the importance of wellness and wellbeing, but also clears all doubts and questions through a Q&A session with the experts themselves.

Amit Gautam, CEO of UpsideLMS, said, “In a post-COVID-19 era, the health and safety of my team is paramount. By engaging employees through online wellness programs, we are empowering them to take charge of their health so they stay fit, productive and motivated to contribute to family and work.”