Workplace Learning & Technology Trends 2020
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UpsideLMS welcomes 2020 with an insightful Infographic on Workplace Learning & Tech Trends

January 2020

As the enterprise world ventures into 2020, it’s the perfect time for organizations to plan their business goals for the year, and seek newer and better approaches to enhance every process and function, which also includes employee learning and development (L&D).

How can Do you know Learning Analytics be a major driver of improving learner experiences? Or, why do 54% executives say AI solutions implemented in their businesses have already increased productivity? To answer these questions and welcome the new year with renewed vigor, UpsideLMS has recently released an Infographic titled 'Workplace Learning & Technology Trends 2020’ that highlights the latest workplace learning and technology trends expected to make an impact in 2020.

As workplaces across the world increasingly embrace technology on a large scale, one thing is clear that emerging technologies are rapidly transforming the world of work, and organizations must rethink their L&D and employee training from a technological point of view.

Over the past few years, the learning technology sector has witnessed a multitude of advances. This has led to the emergence of many notable trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Learning Analytics, VR/AR, online content libraries, among others, that are set to revolutionize the online learning landscape.

This deeply insightful Infographic from UpsideLMS explores the most prominent trends that are expected to transform global workplaces in a detailed and comprehensive manner. In addition, ‘Workplace Learning & Technology Trends 2020’ Infographic also sheds light on relevant and valuable information that will help L&D and HR professionals better engage their learners and provide a holistic learning experience in the New Year.

As more and more businesses leverage the latest and most trending learning tools, the ‘Workplace Learning & Technology Trends 2020’ Infographic is a perfect visual aid that can help organizations stay informed about what’s hot and what’s not; analyze their learners’ unique learning needs, understand business requirements (and expectation from L&D), as well as make data-backed and informed decisions to drive employee training and achieve their desired business objectives.

The ‘Workplace Learning & Technology Trends 2020’ Infographic is available for viewing here.