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UpsideLMS and Plethora releases an insightful playbook assisting L&D to navigate through the Digital Transformation landscape

December 2020

The business world is changing at an unprecedented speed with the exponential increase in adoption of digital transformation. Hence, Learning and Development too needs to adapt to meet the ever-increasing digital demands. The switch to digital learning workflows entails a gamut of benefits assisting businesses and employees to learn and upskill like never before. However, most L&D functions are finding it difficult to catch up with the emerging digital transformation trends.

With a view to address this challenge, UpsideLMS and Plethora have released a playbook to help L&D navigate swiftly through the digital transformation waters. Titled ‘L&D Playbook for Digital Transformation’, this comprehensive resource explores how digital transformation of L&D is making learning more impactful, measurable and goal-driven, and why the digital transformation of L&D promises to be a critical success factor for businesses.

Key topics covered in the playbook:

  1. What is Digital Transformation of L&D?
  2. Identifying and Addressing challenges of Digital Transformation
  3. Transitioning to Continuous Digital Learning
  4. Digital Transformation Framework
  5. Worksheet: Fostering a Digital Learning Culture 

'L&D Playbook for Digital Transformation' is available for a free download here.