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UpsideLMS launches LevelUP- a comprehensive training program for its employees

September 2020

In today’s times when upskilling and reskilling is the new normal, LevelUP – the exciting new employee training program introduced by UpsideLMS promises to offer its internal employees with a wide range of online learning courses on key topics to aid them in their professional as well as personal growth.

The business world is subject to constant disruptions, be it workplace technology, digitization or something much more unprecedented like this global COVID-19 pandemic. And, in an age where information and knowledge occupy a prominent position in terms of a competitive advantage, having a highly informative and up-to-date knowledge base in the form of online training programs like LevelUPis a valuable asset.

With LevelUP, UpsideLMS continues to stay true to its mission of providing its valued employees with the latest and most relevant learning across a range of competencies, including leadership development, personal and interpersonal development, as well as remote/ virtual training sessions on diverse topics of expertise from the UpsideLMS leadership team.

Packed with online courses, videos, reference material, LevelUP will offer valuable insights, along with virtual training steeped in over two decades worth of expertise and experience, presented in an attractive and engaging format through UpsideLMS’ unique and user-friendly interface.

LevelUP stands to open the door to a world of knowledge for UpsideLMS’ employees, and will ensure that they get all the latest learning on their dedicated portal that can be accessed anytime-anywhere and on any device of choice.

And, with useful sections like Recommended, Most Popular, and Continuous learning, UpsideLMS’ learning plan lends itself perfectly to help grow and develop its employees today and in the future.

About UpsideLMS

Backed by 16+ years of experience, over 8 decades of leadership expertise, 50+ awards and recognition, and 1M+ users worldwide, UpsideLMS is a leading learn-tech provider of a world-class Learning Management System and comprehensive online content library, Plethora, to businesses worldwide. UpsideLMS is headquartered in Pune, India with local representation through a wide network of Sales partners serving a global client base. |