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UpsideLMS curates real stories and real benefits of LMS for industries in its latest toolkit

July 2020

Training requirements differ from industry to industry but the common denominator between all successful businesses is a Learning Management System that not only streamlines the training delivery but also offers a competitive advantage. Whether it’s maintaining Compliance or Continuing Education of the workforce for Healthcare, or it’s skilling and capability development aligned with the competencies for BPO, or it’s reaching out to the field force of BFSI, or it’s offering on-the-job training on SOPs for Manufacturing, the modern learning platform does it all. UpsideLMS, a leading provider of AI-powered Learning Management System, has put together real use cases of clients across Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare and BPO industry in a free toolkit called ‘Industry Essentials’.

Capturing case studies of its 1 million users worldwide, ‘Industry Essential’ distills insights into LMS benefits as per industry. Each industry is further broken down into verticals to give readers a granular view into the business needs/ challenges and how an LMS meets them for goal achievement.

Each section covers

  1. Benefits of a learning platform for the particular industry and its verticals
  2. Benefits of UpsideLMS and its features specifically to the industry and its verticals

‘Industry Essentials’ is available for download at