UpsideLMS’ | ebook | The what, why & how of AI in Learn-Tech
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UpsideLMS’ latest ebook shares the what, why and how of Artificial Intelligence in Learn-Tech

June 2020

Today, almost every industry and every sector is privy to the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is no doubt that AI will play a critical role in how talent is hired, on-boarded, inducted into the organization, as well as the skills training and personal development programs assigned to learners, and gradually lay down the groundwork to pass on tacit and explicit experiences on to the next generations of employees. It’s about time L&D leaders step up their game and realign themselves with AI to optimize training impact and enhance the learning experience. UpsideLMS’ latest ebook - The what, why and how of Artificial Intelligence in Learn-Tech – offers insights on everything about AI in technology-enabled learning along with the tools and know-how to step up an organization’s training strategy.

Key topics:

  1. Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  2. Challenges facing L&D
  3. Application of AI in L&D
  4. Harnessing AI + API + Analytics in LMS
  5. AI-Powered Solutions in 2020 & Beyond

Drawing upon UpsideLMS’ experience in digital learning and AI-powered Learning Management System, the ebook is a must-have for businesses on the path of digital transformation. Amit Gautam, CEO of UpsideLMS, said on the ebook release, “Today AI is enabling L&D leaders to offer training content and deliver it in ways that was unheard of before. AI can help L&D personalize content to suit learners’ needs by recommending appropriate content, based on learning patterns, style and behaviors and role-based learning, as well as auto-generate learning content in real-time. In terms of engagement, AI-enabled adaptive/ personalized learning has the potential to transform employee engagement. We have broken this down into easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps that await for you in the ebook.”

The what, why and how of Artificial Intelligence in Learn-Tech is available for download here