Disrupt the New Roundtable Conference Recording Out Now
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Full Recording of the Roundtable Conference to 'Disrupt the New’ hosted by UpsideLMS and Plethora in Association With SHRM Out Now

December 2020

The much-anticipated roundtable discussion – ‘L&D: Next 2 years!’ hosted by UpsideLMS and Plethora in association with SHRM saw business and HR stalwarts including Amit Gautam, CEO of UpsideLMS and Vijay Gogoi, Executive Director & Lead at KPMG Academy come together and engage in insightful conversations about the future landscape of L&D.

With the theme of ‘Disrupt the New’, Amit Gautam kicked-off the discussion by emphasizing the role of Learning and Development in the new normal. “Almost within days, three billion workforces came to a standstill and L&D globally forms 1% of that workforce. The onus of keeping things running came on the shoulders of L&D very fast. We did not have time to prepare, we did not have time to plan. To keep companies running, in a scenario where companies are shutting down, industries are almost getting wiped out, I think it was a high-pressured event for the L&D teams. Because while things are not very cooperative but to keep a business running, the L&D team needs to ensure the current and new employees are ready for the job because the customers do not expect less from you.” said Amit.

Post this, Vijay Gogoi took over the reins of the session. Starting with how L&D can address the needs of the employees in an environment of tech acceleration, Vijay moved on to share his expert insights on the key themes for the next two years and ways to drive learner engagement.                            

All the speakers then engaged in an interesting fishbowl conversation where they discussed, deliberated, and distilled their rich knowledge to explore:

  • How will content, technology and the overall learning ecosystem evolve in the next two years?
  • How can we build learning resilience and adoption in the new normal?

At the end of the session, all the speakers pooled in their thoughts regarding the key skills needed by employees and L&D alike to thrive in the new order.

To gain further insights into the future of employee skilling and development, you can watch the full video here.