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UpsideLMS Unveils a Rich Resource of Client Interviews

June 2019

UpsideLMS is a leading provider of learn-tech solutions that has serviced numerous clients across the world from diverse industries, including BFSI, logistics, oil & gas, healthcare, government organizations and more. And, in its effort to spread awareness about Learning & Development (L&D) practices and emerging technologies, and increase adoption of technology-enabled learning in the workplace, UpsideLMS has leveraged its longstanding partnerships with few of the many leading organizations to offer a rich resource of interviews with L&D veterans.

Most recently, UpsideLMS got up close and personal with Anita Chhabria, Senior Manager of International HR at Gulf Oil International and Dan Bennett, Group Learning & Development Manager at ISS Facility Services to discuss their passions, their years of experience in the L&D industry and their expert knowledge and opinions about the latest industry trends and emerging learning technologies.

Anita leads the L&D practice and manages content for Gulf Oil’s organization-wide global training programs, and is responsible for the management of the online ELearning portal, UpsideLMS. She also runs the communication and employee engagement initiatives for Gulf Oil India. Not only is her professional prowess backed by sound academics, but she is also a winner of ‘The Young HR Achievers (in India)’ award conferred by The World HRD Congress for her contribution in HR; while Dan’s experience includes the design and delivery of online and offline training, large-scale project management, and HR system strategy. His efforts at ISS have been recognized through global company awards and national accolades, including the Australian HRD Magazine and Australian HR Awards.

Today, more and more organizations are seeking the help of L&D and learning technology to attract, develop and retain top talent, and UpsideLMS’ Client Interview Series offers deep insights that will help organizations analyze their L&D practices and encourage the adoption of a continuous learning culture and the many emerging technologies that look set to be the next disruptors in the learning industry.

Apart from offering a wealth of information and insider insights from these leaders, the Client Interview Series also takes a closer look at the perseverance, hard work and vision it takes to own an efficient learning and development function in a leading global organization. The advices and opinions offered by these leaders also act as a hands-on guide for L&D professionals to learn and understand the dos and don’ts of L&D, industry best practices and the importance of investing in corporate learning, Learning Management Systems (LMSes) and learning technology as a whole.

In addition to Anita and Dan, the Client Interview Series also features some of the most notable and seasoned L&D leaders, including Glenn Stewart, CTO and Director of Ultimedia who has been involved in IT for over 45 years; Mark A. Barry, a Senior Knowledge Management Analyst with the Customer Success Group at Tideworks Technology, Inc who has been an integral part of the L&D field and is the unofficial ‘Dean of Tideworks University’; as well as Susibel Perigault, the Training & Development Manager at Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) Panama, who is a specialist in maritime administration with more than 20 years of experience.

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