UpsideLMS launches its most innovative version UpsideLMS X
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UpsideLMS launches its most innovative & comprehensive version – UpsideLMS X

October 2019

UpsideLMS, a leading learning technology solutions company, has something very special in store for everyone at its Booth 1109 at DevLearn 2019, where attendees have the chance to get an exclusive first look at UpsideLMS’ all new version – UpsideLMS X, which will be unveiled at the two-day event.

The launch of UpsideLMS X marks a milestone event in the history of the company, as it is UpsideLMS’ 10th version, which now also comes packed with an X-factor like no other. Here’s a quick sneak peak at what users can expect from the new UpsideLMS X once it is unveiled.

UpsideLMS X users will experience an unparalleled LMS UI/ UX, which is highly intuitive, user-friendly and new age in design. Its AI-based recommendation engine will give users a unique and smart learning experience, with relevant and auto content suggestions based on intelligence gathered from user behaviors and skill-sets.

UpsideLMS X’s multi-portal architecture will enable businesses to extend the LMS to train dealers, partners or customers in the form of Extended Enterprise Training, while hosting multiple departments on the same setup. Businesses can enjoy features like dedicated URLs, custom-branding, individual logins and a personalized learning environment for each portal.

Packed with advanced Analytics and Gamification modules, and integration with leading learning libraries, and APIs, UpsideLMS X is part of UpsideLMS’ AGILE design and development methodology with timely upgrades as per industry trends. In addition, businesses can also enjoy quick deployment, lower set-up costs, free technical support and free cloud hosting.

Serving diverse industries, including IT, BFSI, Manufacturing, Pharma & Healthcare, Oil & Gas, among others, UpsideLMS is the trusted learn-tech partner for leading global enterprises, and the unveiling of UpsideLMS X has been especially aligned with DevLearn 2019 as the expo is a place where industry leaders connect, share and collaborate on ideas and projects to foster growth and innovation.

Visit Booth 1109 at DevLearn 2019 Conference & Expo on 23rd & 24th October in Las Vegas to get an exclusive first look at UpsideLMS X.