UpsideLMS Predicts L&D Trends and Forecasts in its Latest eBook
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UpsideLMS Predicts L&D Trends and Forecasts in its Latest eBook

January 2018


With a belief that trends, predictions and resolutions become more meaningful when they provide inputs that can be put to "use", UpsideLMS has published its first eBook of the new year. Titled, 'Learning & Development: Trends, Predictions & Resolutions for 2018', the eBook distils over 2 decades of cumulative experience to share insights and pointers for Learning & Development (L&D) professionals to enhance their workplace learning strategy for 2018.

The eBook has been authored by Amit Gautam, Director - UpsideLMS, who has been helping businesses worldwide in understanding, implementing, and befitting from learning-tech solutions in the workplace for 17+ years.

"January is the time of the year when new resolutions are made, trends and predictions are looked up, and plans are laid down accordingly. However, these alone don't mean much unless they provide you with inputs you can "use". Exactly our thinking when it comes to Learning and Training too! Which is precisely the reason for this eBook, which provides several pointers that L&D folks can use to enhance their learning strategies for 2018. And beyond too!"

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

Table of contents:

  1. Top 7 Trends in Leadership Development for 2018 (and beyond!)
  2. 7 Corporate LMS Trends for 2018
  3. 8 L&D Predictions for 2018
  4. 5 New Year Resolutions for L&D Professionals

'Learning & Development: Trends, Predictions & Resolutions for 2018' ebook is available for download here