UpsideLMS-BizLibrary partnership
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The UpsideLMS-BizLibrary partnership adds to the learn-tech provider's Off-the-Shelf Content Portfolio

July 2018

"In today's fast-moving, fast-evolving world, everything, including training content, needs to be delivered at the speed of light. Further, it needs to be bite-sized to cater to our short attention spans yet fulfill the learning need and be available at our fingertips! BizLibrary with its wide library of multi-device, micro-learning courses and videos enables organisations to do just that (and more!). Our partnership with BizLibrary complements our tech portfolio of a Learning Management System and a Mobile LMS app perfectly, and to our clients and prospects, it offers a one-stop-shop for all their learning/ training needs."

Amit Gautam Director - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

A leading provider of learning-technology solutions to organisations worldwide, UpsideLMS has recently added new ready-to-use, off-the-shelf course- and video-based training content to its business portfolio as a part of its partnership with BizLibrary. Founded in 1996 by Dean Pichee, a successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the training industry, BizLibrary, today, offers a large selection of topics important to global businesses today such as Business Skills, HR Compliance, Leadership and Management, Information Technology, Workplace Safety, and beyond.

The BizLibrary content meets the needs of all types of learners from short, micro-video lessons, to more in-depth video courses, interactive video programs and eLearning courses and is accredited and approved for HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society from Human Resources Management (SHRM). Many of the lessons and courses include additional support materials to extend the learning process to classroom and blended learning uses. In addition, this mobile-friendly micro-learning content is delivered in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and additional localisation is available upon request.

Through the global partnership, UpsideLMS will offer BizLibrary's entire suite of training content, with more than 6,500 video lessons and courses on a diverse range of topics, to its client and prospects across the world. Upon purchase, the videos/ courses will be delivered to the clients through UpsideLMS' SaaS Learning Management System with support for Online, Offline, Formal, Informal and Mobile learning.

BizLibrary titles can be checked out on the UpsideLMS website here.

About BizLibrary

"We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with UpsideLMS and extend the reach of our award-winning content library. Our in-depth library of short, video-based lessons is both engaging and effective which leads to improved performance and drives measurable business results."

Dean Pichee BizLibrary Founder and CEO

BizLibrary is a leading provider of online learning for growing organisations. Through our partnerships, clients receive access to the award-winning online library that engages employees of all levels. Covering a large selection of topics important to global businesses today such as business skills, HR compliance, leadership and management, information technology, workplace safety, and beyond. Optimised for modern learning, BizLibrary offers content in a variety of languages and formats spanning from micro-video lessons, to more in-depth video courses, and interactive video programs. The content library is accredited and approved for HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society from Human Resources Management (SHRM).