UpsideLMS' latest feature on Analytics is beyond skin deep
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UpsideLMS' latest feature on Analytics is beyond skin deep

December 2018


With a complete appreciation of the importance of Analytics in L&D and the understanding of the fact that it's the lack of analytics which prevents businesses from being more efficient, developing stronger relationships with clients, and, as a Bersin report says, "proactively providing the business with better data for decision-making", UpsideLMS' latest version, released on 5th December, comes with a comprehensive Admin Analytics Dashboard. This comprises graphical representation of the L&D data basis various parameters for different LMS modules, giving insights into:

  1. Overall Progress
  2. System Usage
  3. Curriculums Progress
  4. Certifications Progress
  5. Content Completion
  6. Upcoming Events
  7. Most Active Learners
  8. Learner Man-hours
  9. Curriculum Performance ? Completions and High ratings

Apart from this, 'Actionable blocks' on the Admin Dashboard don't just give a quick overview of the critical Admin activities, like Pending Registrations, Locked Accounts, Curriculum Requests, Line Manager Nominations, Certification Approvals, Batch Nomination Requests, Helpdesk Issues and Training Requests, but also enable quick actioning and closures.

A couple of critical elements in the Admin Dashboard are:

  1. Overall Progress Chart to help the admins in taking quick decisions based on various parameters (Login Progress, Curriculum completion, CPD Progress, Gamification Progress).
  2. System Usage Gauge Chart explains the health of the system by enabling admins to set a threshold (for a month) for each criteria.
  3. Most Active Users indicates the top 5 high performing learners based on different parameters like Curriculum Completion, CPD Points and Gamification Points.
  4. Curriculum Performance indicates the curriculums which are being completed correctly and also those which need attention based on the criteria set - Curriculum Completion or Ratings.
  5. Admin Calendar enables easy management of VC, ILT and Events better. Admins can create / view event, click batch to open the nominations, enrollments, waiting list, etc.

Supplementing all these features is UpsideLMS Reporting module that enables easy data capture and analysis to aid decision-making.

Interested individuals can see UpsideLMS' Admin Analytics in action by signing up for a 14-day Free Trial: