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Amit Gautam's discussion on 'Culture of Learning at Scale' at People Matters L&D Conference 2018 draws a full house

November 2018

Fueling the next frontier of growth, with over 700 L&D professionals and eminent speakers, was the recently concluded People Matters L&D Conference 2018, held in Mumbai, India. UpsideLMS, a leading learn-tech provider and also the Gold sponsor of the event, was represented in the Fireside Chat (Panel Discussion) by its Director, Amit Gautam. The discussion on the topic of 'Culture of Learning at Scale' saw Amit, along with Dr. Selvan Dorairaj, VP & Head - Learning and Development, Capgemini, Ishan Gupta, Managing Director, Udacity (India) and Chandana GC, Lead - HR Technology, IDFC Bank, distill their experience in the L&D space and share insights to a packed audience in Grand Hyatt's Grand Ballroom 2, where 'Track A' of the conference took place.

"The first thing to understand is that just focusing on competence building will not cut it in the Gig Economy, simply because the Competence will go away with the learner (when s/he leaves the company). It's the knowledge, sometime tacit too, that needs to remain and reside in the organisation. Which is why it's important to integrate Knowledge, Competency and Performance. This is where technology will play a key role by enabling the creation of a learning/ training ecosystem to do this."

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS

With a premise that resonated strongly with all L&D professional as they start dealing with contractual and gig workforce models entering organisational structures, the 30-minute discussion centered on how organisations can build learning cultures as an ongoing process in view of the changing workforce dynamics. It also analyzed what this means for L&D functions and how they can re-calibrate their strategies to adapt to new employment models and still deliver value to their business.

More insights, tips and musings in the full video (recording), which is available for viewing here