What's ahead for Workplace Learning in 2017? Quotes from L&D Experts
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What's ahead for Workplace Learning in 2017? Quotes from L&D Experts

June 2017


As the world of work continues to evolve, and user behavior and learning habits change rapidly, it calls for new workplace learning approaches to underpin all the ways people learn, share and collaborate in the modern workplace.

"In the past, the best L&D functions focused on delivering high-quality learning in the classroom. However, now the best L&D functions are shifting to meet the new learning needs of employees through different mediums and platforms. We think about this as the "WWW"- employees need to have access to whomever they need to learn from, whenever they want, and wherever it is convenient. As an L&D function, our mandate now is to support these evolving employee learning needs."

Abhijit BhaduriChief Learning Officer, Wipro Technologies

UpsideLMS has complied some of the best workplace learning quotes for 2017 from L&D experts, including the one above by Mr. Bhaduri, the world over in the form of a visually stunning presentation. Titled '2017 Workplace Learning: Quotes from L&D Experts', the presentation showcases quotes highlighting different nuances of 'Learning' in today's workplace by Josh Bersin, Brian Tracy, Bob Mosher, Mark Hurd, Todd Dewett, Connie Malamed, Lori Niles-Hofmann, Clark Quinn, Megan Torrance, Trish Uhl, Arun Pradhan, Britt Andreatta, Abhijit Bhaduri and Jeff Kaplan.

2017 Workplace Learning: Quotes from L&D Experts presentation is available for viewing here.