UpsideLMS' Pay As You Go Pricing Promises Greater Flexibility for Training Companies and SMBs
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UpsideLMS' Pay As You Go Pricing Promises Greater Flexibility for Training Companies and SMBs

April 2017


On the heels of the release of its 7.5 version, UpsideLMS has introduced a new pricing plan- 'Pay As You Go' along with an overall revised pricing structure. While the 'Pay As You Go' pricing is targeted specifically at Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) and Training Companies that have a varying user base on a monthly basis, the revised pricing is applicable for SMBs, Training Companies and Enterprises.

"With UpsideLMS' Pay As You Go, we are able to offer our customers a flexible payment model which takes the actual monthly usage in account. Whether it's a Training Company with a varying user base or a Small and Medium Enterprise with limited budget, the customer enjoys full flexibility to adapt the platform to the specific needs at any time leading to high cost-efficiency."

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

UpsideLMS' 'Pay As You Go' plan offers the same comprehensive feature set of UpsideLMS' original all-inclusive pricing, ensuring SMBs and Training Companies can access all of the best-loved features of UpsideLMS while enjoying the improved flexibility of a subscription model. The'Pay As You Go' reduces the overall cost of ownership for the customers, who will now pay monthly only for the active (logged-in) users per month -thus aligning the cost directly to the usage.

UpsideLMS' revised pricing structure introduces new slabs (like Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.) for each of the target segments - i.e. SMBs, Training Companies and Enterprises. Each of the new slabs, caters to a fixed 'up to user base' with a range of features that increase as per the slabs.

The new pricing also makes additional Languages (Arabic, Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese), Admin Services (UpsideLMS administrative tasks) and Training available for 'add-on' purchase lending additional flexibility to buyer companies.

With the introduction of the new pricing, UpsideLMS now offers the below listed benefits to customers, along with its default advantages of Best Value, Secured Cloud Hosting, Free 24x7 Support, Free Upgrades to list a few.

  1. Day-to-day flexibility in operations
  2. No big upfront investments
  3. Monthly payment option based on active (logged-in users)

UpsideLMS' 'Pay As You Go' pricing along with overall revised pricing is available for viewing here