UpsideLMS brings in the holiday season with a fun, Gif-based microsite
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UpsideLMS brings in the holiday season with a fun, Gif-based microsite

December 2017


Holidays are synonymous with fun. And what better way to kick-start them than with a good laugh? Based on this belief, UpsideLMS has launched a fun microsite that pays ode to the wide spectrum of emotions that an LMS professional, whichever side of the table s/he may be on - the client's or the vendor's, experiences. Available at the microsite has a hand-picked compilation of 18 rib-tickling reaction GIFs that are sure to have everyone LOLing through the holiday season! Further, all of the GIFs are easily sharable on social media making it easy to share the laugh and let the world know what one's feeling.

It's an established fact that humor energizes us, helps us bond, and breaks ices (sometimes barriers too!). GIFs - short, looping videos - especially the 'funny and silly' kind have emerged as a universal language for online storytelling and expression in today's digital world.

If you study the human behavior, you will find one thing in common - the love for a good laugh. As L&D and eLearning professionals, we experience a whole range of feelings - from confusion to happiness to exhilaration, and beyond! But the single thing that ties in all these feelings is humor. is our attempt at bringing these two (feelings and humor) together and presenting an opportunity to all LMS professionals to take a break and enjoy what they do.

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning site is accessible across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.