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Safestore delivers consistent training across 100 + stores in the UK with UpsideLMS

October 2016

With its HO in the UK, where it has over 100 stores including two Business Centres and 25 stores in Europe, Safestore helps over 43,700 customers to safely store the things they love; including personal and business stuff. To these customers, Safestore offers the lowest price guarantee, a widespread network of secure storage locations and a 5 Star Customer Service. This highly rated customer service is a result of Safestore's staff training which is now being done through UpsideLMS, the Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System.

"I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed and ease of deployment. The quality of Upside's project management and implementation team made the geographical distance between us a non-issue. The system has been rock-solid since launch and allowed us to concentrate on the quality and content of the courses."

Phil Fryer Head of I.T. at Safestore

Reliable, responsive, cost- and time-efficient, UpsideLMS enables Safestore to create customised training programs as per its learner roles and business processes.Being fully multi-device responsive on the learner side, UpsideLMS ensures that the learning experience is consistent and seamless for all its learners, irrespective of their place or time.

More details about this implementation can be read in the Safestore-UpsideLMS case study, available here

About Safestore:

Safestore is the UK?s largest and Europe?s second largest provider of self storage solutions. With its HO in the UK, where it has 108 stores including two Business Centres and 25 stores in Europe, it serves over 43,700 customers. Safestore's strength lies in its ability to combine a deep understanding of a rapidly expanding growth market with the commercial and operational skills to provide flexible self-storage solutions for an expanding UK and European customer base.