UpsideLMS helps SMBs to select the right LMS with its latest eBook
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UpsideLMS helps SMBs to select the right LMS with its latest eBook

May 2016

While the advantages of a Learning Management System far outweigh its cost, for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business, with limited budget and resources, buying one is a big deal! To be able to leverage the LMS to the fullest and justify its ROI, the SMB needs to ensure that the LMS is a perfect fit for its requirement. Based on this premise is the latest eBook by UpsideLMS - 'LMS Selection Guide for SMBs'.

While the basics for selecting an LMS remain more or less the same for organisations small and large, there are some fundamental differences when it comes to making the actual purchase for SMBs. Through this eBook, we wanted to bring out these 'differences' and help the smaller organisations in making an informed decision for investing in the right LMS.

Amit GautamCo-founder & Director - Technology Solutions

Authored by Amit Gautam, Founder and Director - Technology Solutions at Upside Learning, the eBook, with its special focus on SaaS, aims to help SMBs in understanding the real need and benefits of an LMS and buying it. It leverages Amit's 16+ years of experience and expertise in the eLearning domain in implementing LMS across organisations worldwide.

Key topics:

  1. SaaS and SMBs
  2. What does an SMB really need in its LMS?
  3. LMS Benefits for SMBs
  4. Key Considerations for Selecting an LMS
  5. LMS Buying Tips for SMBs

The ebook is available for a free download here.