UpsideLMS' new brand identity echoes its brand promise of 'continuous growth and innovation
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UpsideLMS' new brand identity echoes its brand promise of 'continuous growth and innovation'

October 2016

As part of its ongoing evolution, UpsideLMS has changed its brand identity to reflect what the Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System stands for today and symbolizes its dynamic future. This brand identity change is more than just a logo shift; it is a reflection of UpsideLMS' brand positioning and brand promise, and is carried through in its new website, new blog - UpsideLMS Blog and a bimonthly newsletter, UpsideLMS Connect.

"The decision to change UpsideLMS' brand identity is a strategic one and is an important milestone in the product's 12+ history; a history we are proud of. That's why our new logo retains the core colors - blue and gray. Having its own website for UpsideLMS is a key element of the strategy - to continue to focus on Learning Technology Solutions."

Amit Gautam Director - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

The cornerstone of UpsideLMS' new brand identity, the redesigned logo, is contemporary and symbolizes constant growth and innovation, which is denoted by the upward arrow. Sharp and crisp, the straight edged arrow aligns perfectly well with UpsideLMS' stability, while the triangular shape reflects the strength, professionalism and efficiency of the Learning Management System. The blue squares of varying sizes, dovetailing the arrow, signify and underline the AGILE nature of UpsideLMS? overall design and development.

The new logo retains the familiar blue and gray colors of the original UpsideLMS logo, which embody 'trust' and 'balance' respectively. The 'trust' is a derivative of UpsideLMS' over a decade of existence in the learning management space, hundreds of customers delivering and managing learning/training for hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide, and 20+ awards and recognition from the best in the industry like Brandon Hall, CLO, Training Industry Inc., etc. While it is UpsideLMS' perfect blend and balance of tradition (traditional learning management features like ILT, Virtual Classroom, eLearning, Reporting) and innovation (new tools for social and informal learning, knowledge collaboration, etc.) that is denoted by the color gray.

UpsideLMS' new identity change is further strengthened by launch of its very own new website, with a focused blog on all things LMS -, and its bimonthly newsletter, called 'UpsideLMS Connect', that aims to bring the best of news, insights and resources in the Learning Management domain to its readers.

Launched more than a decade ago as a proprietary, behind-the-firewall Learning Management System,, UpsideLMS has come a long way, evolving and staying in sync with the latest technologies and trends at each step in its 12+ year journey. Today, it serves over 90 organisations worldwide, including Training Companies, SMBs and Enterprises across verticals including but not limited to BFSI, Retail, Consulting, IT and Telecom, Manufacturing and Healthcare, and 1 million+ users.