UpsideLMS' Releases from v7.0 to v7.3 Tell a Story of Growth
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UpsideLMS' Releases from v7.0 to v7.3 Tell a Story of Growth

November 2016

Now in its version 7.3, UpsideLMS, the Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System, is a picture of growth. Continuously adding to its feature set, simplifying workflows and enhancing user experiences, UpsideLMS has done complete justice to its Agile development and designing approach with each version release; from 7.0 to the recently released, v7.3.

"Since the start of our SaaS, AGILE approach, our plan has been simple and straight forward - to have frequent upgrades and ensure continuous growth. And we have been pretty successful at sticking to the plan all through! Our product roadmap has been mapped in line with customer requirements carefully balanced with technology and market trends."

Amit Gautam Director - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

Milestones of UpsideLMS' journey from v7.0 to v7.3 detailed below:

  1. Single Sign On (SSO), that provides users with seamless accessibility from any third party system to UpsideLMS, is brought about through SAML 2.0 and UpsideLMS' proprietary SSO.
  2. AES secured APIs for Creating, Updating and Managing user accounts, Fetching Catalog; its Curriculums and Content, Fetching learner's Learning Plan and, the most recent, Assigning Multiple Curriculums to Multiple Users.
  3. Scheduled User Update that enables an organisation to schedule an automated user update process, at a desired frequency, to enable user data (HRMS data) transfer between UpsideLMS and an HRMS system.
  4. Integration for user account creation on UpsideLMS and SSO for users accessing UpsideLMS from
  5. Configurable organisation Structure/ Hierarchy, which enables organisations to configure the organisation levels in the LMS in line with their own corporate structure/ hierarchy.
  6. Batch Management for creation and management of multiple batches of a single Classroom Training session thereby making ILT management for complex environments much simpler.
  7. Team Catalog offering a complete view, with learner nomination facility, of all the catalogs availed by the direct and indirect team members to Line Managers and Indirect Line Managers respectively.
  8. Enhanced Interface Design of Learning Plan, Curriculum and Learning Catalog.
  9. Simplified Workflows for quick creation of an ILT (Instructor Led Training / Classroom Training) session.

Interested individuals can see all the above mentioned features and functionalities in UpsideLMS live in action by requesting a demo here