UpsideLMS lays down the 5 Steps to LMS Success with an Infographic
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UpsideLMS lays down the 5 Steps to LMS Success with an Infographic

November 2016

The Learning Management System (LMS) market is expected to grow from USD 5.22 Billion in 2016 to USD 15.72 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 24.7%. However, according to a recent Brandon Hall Group's Learning Technology Trends Survey, 44% of companies with learning technology are looking to replace their solution making it exceedingly challenging for LMS vendors to ensure that their systems succeed and survive.

"Whether an organisation is implementing an LMS for the first time or switching to another one, getting the LMS vendor's help to accomplish each step in the process is mission critical. As a leading provider of the best value, SaaS LMS, we have honed our solutioning, onboarding, implementation, support and consulting skills over the past 12+ years which has been summarised well in the 'The 5 Steps to LMS Success' infographic. We hope that organisations and LMS vendors benefit from this and make LMS a great success."

Amit Gautam Director - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

To help LMS vendors and client organisations alike in making the LMS a success, the team at UpsideLMS has encapsulated its 12+ years of experience, in helping clients across various industries and geographies to deliver and manage their learning, in the form of an interesting infographic, titled The 5 Steps to LMS Success.

The infographic highlights the 5 key steps to be followed, from LMS selection to post implementation and beyond, to ensure the success of the LMS initiative. It begins with 'Presales and Sales' as the first step, which includes performing a complete L&D and business need analysis of the client so as to propose the right modules, features and functionalities in the LMS that fit the client's requirements. Full-featured branded trial link (with 24x7 technical support), multiple rounds of product demonstrations, query handling also feature in this step. The next steps underline the importance of Handholding, which includes 'Client Onboarding' and 'Implementation', and conclude with the final steps of Support and 'Ongoing Consulting'.

The 5 Steps to LMS Success infographic can be viewed here