UpsideLMS enables Companies to Kickstart LMS-based Training Quickly and Easily
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UpsideLMS enables Companies to Kickstart LMS-based Training Quickly and Easily

June 2016

For most Learning Management System purchases, the decision cycles are pretty lengthy given the high investment cost of the platform. Adding to this time is the implementation period which can run into weeks and months, thereby delaying the actual process of training/ learning. Addressing this challenge is UpsideLMS' recently released special pricing of USD 999/a for up to 50 users. For all deals under this pricing, the SaaS LMS will be implemented in less than 48 hours, enabling the clients to roll out the training very quickly.

Not only does UpsideLMS come with everything an organisation , be it an Enterprise, Small- and Medium-Sized Business or Training Company, needs to manage and deliver its traditional learning, but it also comes with a whole set of innovative features.

The low flat fee includes but is not limited to:

  1. User Subscription for up to 50 Users
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. Custom Branding
  4. Multi-device Responsive access
  5. 2 Languages
  6. Compliance and Certification
  7. System Roll-Out Training
  8. 24x7 Technical Support
  1. Extended Enterprise Training
  2. Blended Learning
  3. eCommerce
  4. Classroom and Virtual Classroom Management
  5. Reporting & Analytics with Business Intelligence Tool
  6. Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration
  7. APIs and Integration
  8. Configurable Organisation Hierarchy

The free Cloud Hosting, which is as a part of the USD 999/a pricing, leverages the strengths of leading Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to give utmost security, scalability and reliability to the clients.

Interested individuals can get in touch with UpsideLMS team to learn more about its USD 999/a pricing at here