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UpsideLMS' API and Integration library continues to Grow Strong

November 2016

Seamless integration with enterprise applications, secure data exchange for easy management of various LMS functions, seamless accessibility from any third party system to the LMS - UpsideLMS has grown strong on all these fronts through its version releases from April 2016 till date.

"It has been our endeavor to help our clients get the most out of UpsideLMS and one of the many ways we have working towards making this happen is through our APIs and Integrations. This not only increases an organisation's productivity and efficiency, but also makes the system future-ready by supporting unanticipated future uses."

Amit Gautam Director - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

The Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System, that adopted the AGILE approach for its overall design and development since the start of this year, has been true to this approach and today, offers a comprehensive library of APIs, Scheduled Data Synchronisation and Integrations, including ready integration with and Single Sign On (SSO).

APIs offered by UpsideLMS:

  1. Catalog API
  2. Learning/ Training Plan API
  3. Create/Update User in LMS Database API
  4. Curriculum Assignment API

These APIs help organisations in seamlessly integrating UpsideLMS with third-party enterprise applications for information sharing and managing various functions with ease. To ensure a secure data exchange between the API(s) and the LMS, UpsideLMS uses Advanced Encryption Standard or AES, which is a symmetric block cipher used by the U.S. government to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data, is one of the most common securities used for APIs the world over.

UpsideLMS offers Integration for user account creation on UpsideLMS and SSO for users accessing UpsideLMS from

Single Sign On (SSO), that provides users with seamless accessibility from any third party system to UpsideLMS, is brought about through SAML 2.0 and UpsideLMS' quick and proprietary SSO.

UpsideLMS Scheduled Data Synchronisation is a tool which enables an organisation to schedule an automated user update process, at a desired frequency, to enable user data (HRMS data) transfer between UpsideLMS and HRMS system. This eliminates any manual intervention and also addresses the accurate and complete sync of data in UpsideLMS and HRMS for users. The data transfer enables update of information pieces like New Hires, Retires, Change in Profile/Department/Location, etc. and any other such information organisation needs to synchronise. This not only reduces the cost of HRMS integration but also readies the LMS initiative to go-live, thereby saving a lot of time.

To learn more about UpsideLMS' APIs and Integrations, visit here