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The best value LMS, UpsideLMS, now available on any device!

November 2014

With its latest version release, UpsideLMS can now be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device. A winner of 17 awards and recognitions, including 9 Brandon Hall Awards, UpsideLMSis a best value Learning Management System from Upside Learning.

Today, UpsideLMS has achieved yet another milestone. The multi-award winning, best value LMS is now accessible on any device! It's an innovation that will transform the way organisations deliver training and performance support to their employees.

Amit Gautam Founder & Director of Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

UpsideLMS's new version is a light and responsive design that can be accessed by learners from any device of their choice, irrespective of the time and place. Learners can now access eLearning courses, training calendar, assessments, social learning and other learning and performance support resources from desktops/laptops, tablets and smartphones through Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari on Mac and IE (9.0 and above).

Other important features that the new release brings in are - ability to upload and access xAPI compliant courses, new reports like the Learner Transcript Report and the Survey Learner Response Report on the Client Manager end, dashboard view for the Client Admin to view progress of the learners and for the Line Manager to view progress of the team.

A new, separate profile for 'Instructor' role has been introduced which gives a comprehensive area for Instructors to manage their training activities. With this, Instructors can now:

  1. review users' training calendar
  2. mark Attendance for Classroom Session/s
  3. launch Virtual Session/s
  4. evaluate Assignment/s
  5. evaluate subjective questions within the assessment
  6. interact with Learners - queries, etc
  7. access Reports

UpsideLMS In addition to the new features, UpsideLMS retains its award winning 160+ features that are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Its architecture, which has been designed to offer high level of scalability and configurability, can withstand varying loads from a small to a large user base. Over 90 organisations across the world trust UpsideLMS to manage their training

Take a quick tour of UpsideLMS and see how the best value LMS can help you deliver training and performance support when and where it matters, on any device.