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AcademyGlobal Uses Smartphones To Change The Face Of Management Training

January 2014

AcademyGlobal, a leading provider of research validated management and staff development training in Australia and Asia, will use Upside Learning's award winning mobile learning platform Upside2Go to provide performance support materials and extend learning beyond the classroom.

Business education taking place in the classroom continues to remain the most powerful environment for most people to learn. However, face-to-face facilitation can prove to be an expensive option for the purpose of reiterating learning and testing knowledge and understanding. It is in this context where mobile learning is a compelling proposition.

Paul Vorbach Managing Director

In a business environment where the penetration of smart phone devices is at an all time high, with Australia ranked 6th in the world boasting a 65% penetration rate (Google/TNS, Q1 2013), AcademyGlobal will be the first firm within Australia and New Zealand to deploy the Upside2Go mobile learning platform.

Upside2Go will facilitate the retention of knowledge and drive return on investment for employee training by providing pre, during and post-program information and assessments through smart phones and tablets including iPhone, Android Tablets and Blackberry Smart Phones. Learning content will include video, podcasts, assessments and online courses developed using the course building tools available in Upside2Go.

Pilot rollouts of the application will begin in early 2014 and is expected to be in full operation by mid-year.

Jeevan Joshi, Upside Learning's Director of Client Solutions (Asia Pacific), said “We are excited that AcademyGlobal will use Upside2Go that will extend its workshop learning beyond the classroom via smart phones and tablets to allow anytime and anyplace learning.”

About AcademyGlobal


AcademyGlobal (AG) is an Australian company which commenced in 2002 with the aim of providing research validated management and staff development training. Since this time, AG has delivered training solutions for over 25 of the Global Fortune 500 companies in 20 countries on 5 continents.