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Upside Learnings Webinar To Help Organisations Get ?More? From An LMS

June 2013

Although many organisation today are using LMS for delivery and management of training, the lack of understanding of its features and functionalities hampers its usage and potential. By joining us for the webinar, organisation would learn about the LMS, its capabilities and the ways in which they can use them to the optimum.

Amit Gautam Founder & Director – Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

As demand for Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for delivery and management of learning and performance support materials continues to increase, more and more organisation are starting to look at ways for leveraging these platforms to their optimum. Addressing this is Upside Learning’s webinar – ‘8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS’, scheduled on 9th July at 11.00 AM IST.

An LMS, today, boasts of many innovative features and is no more restricted to merely conducting and managing the day–to–day organisational training activities. While it embraces a diversified role, most organisation still struggle to derive maximum benefits from their LMSs. Upside Learning’s free webinar, 8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS, is designed to cater to such organisation.

To be presented by Amit Gautam, Director and Co–founder of Upside Learning, and Amol Shinde, AVP Sales (India),Upside Learning, the webinar will help organisation currently using an LMS and those in the process of buying a new one to derive maximum benefits out of their LMSs. Be it generating ‘more’ ROI through cost savings, implementing ‘more’ ways to reach learners or facilitating ‘more’ conversations via social learning and knowledge sharing, the 8 ways shared in the webinar will underline multiple facets of an LMS for getting ‘more’ benefits from it.

8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS’, to be held on 9th July at 11.00 AM IST, will be followed with a Q&A session.

Registrations for the webinar are now open. To register, please visit: