Webinar 8 Ways To Get More
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Upside Learning Releases Recording Of Its Recently Conducted Webinar ? 8 Ways To Get MORE Out Of Your LMS

July 2013

Responding to the growing need of organisation to leverage their LMSs to the maximum, Upside Learning had, on the 9th of July, conducted a free webinar – ‘8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS’. The webinar generated great interest amongst organisation and individuals alike, and was well attended. However, to reach out to a wider audience, especially to those who could not attend due to difference in time zones, the company has now released the recording of this webinar on its You Tube channel and corporate website too.

The 1 hour, free webinar, presented by Amit Gautam, Director and Co–founder of Upside Learning, and Amol Shinde, AVP Sales (India), Upside Learning, touched upon the LMS and its evolution, and a few common myths surrounding it, before elaborating on the 8 ways to get more out of an LMS. To further elucidate the different ‘ways’, the presenters shared a few real–life examples of how Upside Learning’s clients are making use of UpsideLMS, its multi award–winning Learning Management System, to the optimum and hugely benefitting from it.

The recording of the free webinar – 8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS – can be accessed at here

While the webinar helped the attendees in taking the first steps towards leveraging their LMSs to the maximum, for Upside Learning, it revealed quite a few interesting findings on the LMS and its common perceptions/ myths. These findings are based on the polls conducted during the course of the webinar. To learn more about these myths and their verity, check out this blog post written by one of the presenters, Amol Shinde: