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ISGN Initiates eLearning For Its Employees; Partners With Upside Learning For UpsideLMS

October 2013

Based in Palm Bay, Florida, ISGN, an end‒to‒end mortgage services provider to both the origination and servicing sectors, has recently adopted a new mode of trainingeLearning ‒ for its employees in the US and India. To enable this, the company has partnered with Upside Learning, a global leader in workplace learning technology solutions, for its Learning Management System ‒ UpsideLMS.

UpsideLMS would help ISGN in conducting and managing the delivery of its eLearning courses. This marks a new beginning for ISGN as it moves from Instructor Led Training (ILT) to online training. Apart from serving as a delivery platform, UpsideLMS will enable ISGN’s training administrators to track its employees’ progress and record their training history. While no customisations have been done to UpsideLMS, a few skins have been designed as per ISGN’S corporate identity norms.

UpsideLMS is a multi award winning system that is trusted by over 60 organisation today. We are confident this trust will be mirrored in our partnership with ISGN too.

Amit GautamFounder & Director ‒ Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

Another feature to be used by ISGN for its L&D purposes is UpsideLMS’ social learning. By leveraging the blog, communities, forums, wikis, Twitter module, ISGN will enable its employees situated in two distinct geographies across the globe, to connect, share and learn from one another. The real‒time nature of the social tools ensures that information transfer is instant and learning is just‒in‒time.

ISGN will also be using Upside Learning’s custom learning development services to convert some of its existing ILT sessions into eLearning.

About ISGN

ISGN is a leading provider of mortgage technology and services, currently handling more than 5 and a half million U.S. mortgages per year across origination and servicing. Its 1,500 domain and technology experts have spent more than 25 years creating award‒winning technologies and solutions to help financial institutions improve precision, reduce risk, manage volatility and effectively transform their business. With flexible staffing and delivery models, ISGN is uniquely positioned as one of the few comprehensive mortgage service providers to both the origination and servicing sectors. We work with over 450 clients, including a majority of the top ten lenders and servicers, as well as with regional lenders, non-banks, credit unions and community banks.

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