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Upside Learning Releases The All New Upside2Go; Promises Better Performance Support On The Go

May 2013

Our focus has always been on providing improved user experience and extended capabilities to our customers; thus creating a right value for their investment. The new features integrated in Upside2Go are aligned with the changing needs of the training administrator as well as the end user

Amit Gautam Director of Technology Solutions and Co–founder
Upside Learning


Upside2Go’s new version, touted to provide the best performance support on the go, has been released today. The all new Upside2Go now boasts of features like SCORM 1.2 compliance, Learning Plan, Secured (HTTPS) Communication and File Manager amongst other new features.

The newly added SCORM 1.2 support enables training administrators to run SCORM 1.2 complaint courses developed using external authoring tools capable of publishing SCORM 1.2 compliant mobile content ? in HTML or HTML5. Apart from this, the new version also provides external HTML course support; offering greater flexibility to training administrators to choose from a wide range of external HTML courses according to their training needs.

From the UI perspective, Upside2Go dons a crisp dashboard and a customisable interstitial screen while on the security front; it is now equipped to provide secured (HTTPS) communication.

Other new features in Upside2Go’s new version include:

  1. Learning Plan: Provides the ability to bundle and deliver various learning elements in a well organised and streamlined manner. In this, all the learning elements assigned to a topic are grouped under one learning plan, which learners can access with ease and least confusion.
  2. File Manager: Allows learners to manage their individual device space by deleting unwanted, space-consuming resources.
  3. Analytics: With support from Flurry, training administrators can generate analytics and easily keep track of user device data, like type and version of OS used for learning, frequency of app access and the time spent on it.
  4. New OS Support: iOS: 6.0 (also supports 4.0 and 5.0); BlackBerry 7 (also supports 5 and 6); Android: Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) (also supports Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3))
  5. Interstitial Screen: Optional interstitial screen can be customised to include either of text, video, image, audio, End User License Agreement (EULA), text + video or text + image.

To know more about the new and existing features of Upside2Go, kindly take a quick tour at