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Iglyte Rolls Out eLearning For Healthcare Professionals With UpsideLMS

April 2013

We have been experiencing speedy growth over the past years. Our client base has increased and so has our desire to provide the best training solutions. UpsideLMS is an excellent training platform that not only served as our entry point into eLearning and helped us reach out to our wide client base, but its Classroom Training Management module enables us to manage our ILT sessions smoothly too. Our clients are happy with the blended learning programs we can deliver and manage through this platform, and more so with the multi-portal architecture through which they can have their own (separate) training portals for their company.

Athar Siddiqui Sr. Vice President

Iglyte, India’s leading provider of client–focused, healthcare branding solutions, has added eLearning to its wide range of training solutions with the adoption of UpsideLMS as its primary training portal for delivering eLearning programs to its clients, primarily Pharma companies. UpsideLMS, Upside Learning’s best value Learning Management System, will enable Iglyte to host and deliver its tailor–made eLearning modules to its widely dispersed client base, and also reinforce its ILT training, thus delivering a unique blended learning experience.

Iglyte is a leading name in the medical and pharmaceuticals sectors for training, strategic consultancy, marketing and branding, communications and other allied services. It has been providing classroom training (ILT) to employees, consumers, physicians, medical assistants, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, sales force and other medical and pharmaceutical professionals. However, its growing client base, the need to cater to remote audiences and its aspiration to enhance its training services incited the need to adopt eLearning. UpsideLMSproved to be the perfect fit as it not only allowed Iglyte to deliver its tailor–made eLearning modules, but it also served as a reinforcement tool for its ILT programs. Further, UpsideLMS ’ 3 tier architecture (with a Site manager, Client Manager and a Learner profile) enabled Iglyte to create separate portals for each of its clients. This allowed Iglyte’s clients to brand the portals as per their corporate identity and use it for delivering training to their workforce.

Besides this, UpsideLMS’ 160+ features, that are a perfect blend of traditional and innovative tools, will help Iglyte in delivering and managing its training programs smoothly and efficiently.

As per Iglyte’s current requirements, UpsideLMS has been set for 5000 users, but can be easily scaled to accommodate more users as per the company’s growth and business plans.

Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions and Co–founder of Upside Learning, said, “We are delighted that Iglyte chose UpsideLMS for hosting and delivering their eLearning services for its vast client base. UpsideLMS’ innovative features will help Iglyte to easily manage its training programs for its growing client base and win happy customers in the years to come.”

About Iglyte

Iglyte is the full service shop for Healthcare Branding Solutions, working with an objective to promote excellence in medical communication by providing innovative, original, reliable, credible content. Services offered by Iglyte include Strategic Consultancy, Branding & Medical Communication, Congress & Meetings organisation, Opinion Leaders & KOL Advocacy, Interactive Media, and CME Programmes.

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