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Upside Learning?s Webinar To Help Indian Corporates In Leveraging LMS For Blended Learning

October 2012

Most LMS implementations in India are done with a clear view of managing more than just eLearning – a trend that is slightly different from other regions. Through this webinar, we want to share our insights on leveraging LMS for blended learning approach, which we believe will be a perfect fit for an organisation’s L&D needs and growth strategy.

Amit Gautam
Director of Technology Solutions
Upside Learning


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As the eLearning growth in the Indian corporate sector surges upwards, increasing number of Indian companies are realizing the need to leverage the Learning Management System (LMS) to manage blended learning. To help these organisation get the most out of their LMS, Upside Learning will be delivering a webinar titled ‘Leveraging LMS for Managing Blended Learning: The Indian Perspective’, focusing especially on the Indian corporate L&D space.

In recent years, many Indian organisation have been investing heavily in integrating technology into the learning/teaching process. Nowadays, almost all corporate learners have access to computers and the Internet. Organisations now expect their trainers to use this new technology with traditional classroom teaching practices to give a blended learning experience to their employees. When used in a structured way, blended learning can allow organisation to mix different teaching materials and tools into an effective, integrated learning experience, giving learners an opportunity to move from passive learning to active learning. However, a large potential in managing blended learning through an LMS lies untapped. Through this webinar, Upside Learning aims to help the Indian L&D department to understand the scope and ways for managing blended learning with LMS.

To be presented by Amit Gautam and Amol Shinde, AVP Sales (India) at Upside Learning, the webinar will be held on 6th November, 2012 at 11.30 AM IST. The free 45–minute webinar will be followed by a 15–minute Q&A session with the webinar hosts.

Registrations for the webinar are now open. To register, please visit: