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Milestone AV Technologies Selects UpsideLMS For Delivering Training Programs To Its Employees And Partners Across The Globe

February 2012

Milestone has selected UpsideLMS, Upside Learning’s stunning, multi award-winning Learning Management System, to deliver and manage organisational training programs for its employees and partners across the globe.

Milestone AV Technologies is a leading global provider of innovative mounting and display solutions for various audiovisual technologies. The company had been looking for a more advanced solution to incorporate some features important to their customers, such as a simpler user interface and the ability to incorporate a knowledge base. Another benefit to the company is the ability to manage multiple portals from the same setup, which will allow them to use the new tool across multiple divisions of the company.

UpsideLMS, with its 160+ features, served as the perfect fit for Milestones’ requirements. Using the LMS’ 3-tier architecture, Milestone could create and manage separate portals for each of its brands. Additionally, the company’s other training requirements like conducting and managing classroom training sessions, eLearning delivery and management, course catalog management, credit management, exhaustive reporting and analytics could also be managed effectively via UpsideLMS.

Being one of the leading LMS providers today, we are quite confident that UpsideLMS will prove effective in addressing all of the features that Milestone desires for the system, and also help the company in managing its training programs for its stakeholders smoothly.

Amit Gautam Director of Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

As a part of Milestone’s LMS implementation roadmap, the company will begin using UpsideLMS for its Chief brand, to manage the training for its workforce and partner network. The initial launch will reach a total learner base of over 2000 users. For the Chief brand in particular, the Social Learning module has been designed to allow users, not a part of the LMS system, to directly access documents and Wikipedia articles (as a part of UpsideLMS’ Knowledge Center).

Commenting on UpsideLMS’ selection, Douglas Bauernschmidt - Instructional Design Manager Milestone shared, “We, at Milestone AV Technologies, chose UpsideLMS because of its versatility in presenting our content, ability to provide custom reporting and for the use of multiple portals. We also wanted the flexibility to add social networking components in the form of forums and knowledge bases, and UpsideLMS gives us that.”