Upside2Go For Android
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Upside2Go Released For Android. Now Available On All Major Mobile Platforms

February 2012

Upside2Go, the revolutionary Mobile Learning platform from Upside Learning, is now available on the Android market. With this release, Upside2Go is now available for Android (2.2) Froyo and Gingerbread (2.3), BlackBerry OS 5 & OS 6, and iOS 3 & 4.

Launched in 2011 for the iPhone (and iPad), Upside2Go is a unique solution that brings formal, informal, social and collaborative learning, and performance support to one central platform ? mobile. For training departments, it is an ideal solution for establishing priority communication with the employees, allowing them to create and deliver knowledge nuggets and business critical information to their mobile workforce instantly. For learners, it enables just-in-time access to experts or performance support material when required. Further, learners can also share and collaborate, within and outside their team.

Commenting on this release, Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning, said, “Upside2Go has been generating great amount of interest from organisation and training companies since its launch. Having catered to the BlackBerry, and iPhone and iPad user base, it was important to make Upside2Go available on Android - one of the major mobile operating systems today.” Speaking about Upside2Go, he added further, “Over the past 12 months, Upside2Go has undergone rapid integration of features that partners and clients alike want from their mobile learning platform.”

Recently, Upside2Go has won a Bronze for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology under the coveted 2011 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards. This win truly reflects Upside2Go’s current value proposition and its potential in providing a reliable and innovative mobile learning solution.

Future development of this revolutionary learning platform includes a tablet version amongst other functional and feature enhancements.