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Celebrate The Holidays With Special Prices On UpsideLMS

December 2012

Festive times are all about spreading good cheer. We are doing our part with our special festive prices for UpsideLMS. Today UpsideLMS is one of the most sought after LMSs, and to be able to get this innovative and comprehensive system at such an attractive price will be a catch for any organisation. I am sure that they will be pleased with this value for money deal.

Amit Gautam Director for Technology Solutions
Upside Learning


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While Christmas and New Year are still a month away, celebrations at Upside Learning are already in full swing. And these celebrations are also extended to organisation planning to purchase a new LMS. As a part of the company’s festive offer for UpsideLMS, this best value Learning Management System (LMS) is now available for a very special price which is as low as US $625 per month for 1000 users, with no fine print.

Open only for a limited period, this offer gives organisation a chance to get the most innovative and comprehensive Learning Management System at a never before price. While the offer is primarily targeted to the user slabs of 1000, 5000, 10000 and 20000, special prices for lower and higher slabs are also available. To make this offer better still, multi–year contracts attract additional discounts on subsequent years pricing.

Details of UpsideLMS’ special festive offer are published on Upside Learning’s website –