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The Ultimate Guide To LMS Switching Is Out!

November 2012

Organisations planning to switch over to a new LMS or those in the midst of this process now have a ready guide to refer to. ‘LMS Switching Guide’, a free eBook released by Upside Learning, will help organisation sail through the daunting process of LMS switching smoothly.

For most organisation the thought of switching over to a new LMS itself can be daunting. Yes, switching an LMS is challenging and needs to be executed in a well thought out manner. But a good understanding of the switching process ensures that the end result is positive and gives a high return on the time invested in the process. I am positive that this eBook will help organisation achieve that.

Amit Gautam Director of Technology Solutions
Upside Learning


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Identifying the problems faced with the current LMS, selecting the right Learning Management System, migrating the existing data including training records and user generated content to the new LMS, are some of the main concerns that an organisation planning for an LMS switch faces. The large number of LMSs available in the market today further adds to the complexity. The LMS Switching Guide addresses all these pain areas. Designed as a guidebook, organisation can refer and take help from it at every step of the LMS switching process, right from the initial stage of selecting the LMS that fulfils their training needs to evaluating the success of the entire switching process.

Below are the key topics covered in the eBook:

  1. Identifying key reasons behind the switch
  2. Understanding the components of the LMS switching process
  3. Selecting the next LMS
  4. Evaluating the success of LMS switch
  5. Maximizing the ROI of LMS switch

The eBook has been authored by Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning. It draws on his 12 year experience in the eLearning domain and is underpinned by his understanding of the client requirements and the LMS switching process in particular.

LMS Switching Guide is free to download from here.