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Upside Learning To Present A Webinar On Unified Learning Management, In Association With Brandon Hall Group

June 2012

After the success of its webinar on a global LMS with Brandon Hall Group, Upside Learning is partnering with the renowned research body once again to conduct a webinar on unified learning management. Scheduled on 17th July, 1PM EDT, the webinar titled ‘A Unified Approach to Learning Management’ will discuss the need and advantages of a unified learning system.

We believe that the time is right for learning management systems to evolve into unified learning systems and transform learning management as we know it. A unified learning system holds multitude of benefits for the learners, admins and the organisation alike. I strongly recommend this webinar to everyone involved in the function of learning and development.

Jason Clymer

The webinar is rooted in the fact that the learners of today need and almost demand a wholesome learning experience which includes different channels of learning be it classroom-based, social, informal or self-paced. They also want to be able to choose the technology that they use to access their training material. This makes it difficult for organisation to manage learning, resulting in considerable time and efforts being put in to assign, moderate and monitor training interventions. A unified learning approach to this problem helps in addressing the current organisational challenges in managing learning.

The webinar will be hosted by David Wentworth, Senior Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Jason Clymer, VP ? Client Acquisition and Partner Development at Upside Learning. Discussing the need and advantages of a unified learning system, the webinar will cite an actual case study at Upside Learning - illustrating in detail the concept, solution and key points to know about a unified learning system.

The Free 60 minute webinar will be held on 17th July 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT.

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