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The Best Value LMS Gets Even Better; UpsideLMS Now Equipped With New Features

December 2012

UpsideLMS is renowned the world over for its value for money proposition. This proposition has now become even stronger as this best value LMS from Upside Learning comes with a set of whole new features. Adding to its existing 160+ features, the new features attempt to simplify the process of learning management for the training administrators, and for the learners they mean improved user experience.

Innovation never ceases they say, and Upside Learning is no exception to it. Our product roadmap for UpsideLMS has been chalked out to simplify and improve the end user experience further. The new features not just achieve that but at the same time, they raise the system and data security levels for administrators to manage their learning program more efficiently.

Amit Gautam Director of Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

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Some of the new features in UpsideLMS include a comprehensive Time Zone support. Managing blended learning for a global or geographically diverse learner base brings with it the primary challenge of different time–zones. With the new time–zone support, UpsideLMS not only detects time–zones automatically but also makes it easy for administrators to setup training classes. Daylights savings support is built in too along with other enhancements.

Unification of curriculum for easier management of blended learning provides learners with a single point of access to all the curriculums assigned to them, including Classroom and Virtual Classrooms sessions, which are now a learning element within a curriculum. Also administrators can create and assign multiple classroom sessions in the same curriculum.

Two crucial Open Web Application Security Guidelines pertaining to password protection and bot detection have been implemented. Password protection policies include password encryption and regenerating passwords through security questions, while bot detection is brought about by the introduction of Captcha code.

The existing calendars – one for events and other for training – have now been unified into one, which acts as one stop point for users to manage their entire training plan. This unified calendar comes with easy–to–use drag and drop functionality for creating and editing events, and ability to add automatic events. The calendar supports 26+ plus languages including Arabic.