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Mobile Innovation (Saudi Arabia) Chooses Upside2Go To Deliver mLearning Courses; Courses Developed By Upside Learning

April 2012

The high penetration of mobile devices and advancement in mobile technologies today has resulted in an increased number of mobile savvy organisation. These organisation, whether they are just testing the waters or have adopted mLearning as a part of their learning mix, are jumping on the mLearning bandwagon at an astounding rate. One such organisation to have adopted mLearning as a key part of its training is Mobile Innovation. A training company based in Saudia Arabia, Mobile Innovation delivers training on various subjects to a wide range of audiences.

For delivering English language courses to its Arabic speaking learners, which comprise professionals, students, housewives etc., the company has chosen Upside Learning’s revolutionary mobile learning platform - Upside2Go. Available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android, Upside2Go is a unique solution that brings together formal, informal, social and collaborative learning on one platform -mobile. Learners can access the learning material delivered via this platform as per their convenience -anywhere, anytime.

We were on the lookout for a mobile learning solution that would not only enable us to reach out to our clients anywhere and anytime but be available on all major mobile platforms. Upside2Go was an ideal fit for our requirements. Its mobile enabled environment which not only allows learners to access the training activities in the form of videos, podcasts, eLearning courses, quizzes and evaluation surveys, but also enables them to use their mobile devices to share knowledge with others in real-time, was the added bonus.

Salem Furaih Managing Director
Mobile Innovation

Mobile Innovation has custom branded Upside2Go as ‘Aljesr’. While all the functions of Upside2Go have been retained in Aljesr, a new facility for uploading courses from 3rd party vendors has also been enabled. This enables Mobile Innovation to upload and deliver any course to its learners via Aljesr. The mobile platforms that have been identified by Mobile Innovation for the mLearning course delivery are iPhone 4, BlackBerry 6 and Android 2.2 & 2.3

Upside Learning will also be responsible for developing the mLearning courses to be delivered via Aljesr. Comprising text, audio, video and assessment components, these courses will be developed in HTML 4/5 by Upside Learning’s competent Designing and Technical team.

Further, talking about the mLearning course development, he added, “We have seen Upside Learning?s team work diligently on the courses. The courses are not just beautiful; they are seeped with a strong ID and design approach. Upside Learning has surely been a one stop shop for all our mobile learning requirements.”

Commenting on the state of mobile learning in the workplace today, Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning, said, “It’s only a matter of time before organisation fully understand the importance and implications of mobile learning. The positive part though is that mobile learning is beginning to feature in strategy discussions within L&D teams of large and small enterprises alike.” Further talking about Mobile Innovation, he added, “True to its name, Mobile Innovation is always on the lookout for new mobile solutions for its clients. We are glad that it has found the right match with our mobile learning offerings.”

Recently, Upside2Go has won a Bronze for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology under the coveted 2011 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards.