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Upside2Go, Upside Learning's Revolutionary Mobile Learning Platform, Now On Blackberry Too

October 2011

Launched earlier this year for the iPhone (and iPad), Upside2Go is a unique solution that brings formal, informal, social and collaborative learning, and performance support to one central platform - mobile. Having won appreciation from some of the biggest corporate houses for its innovativeness and effectiveness, specifically in addressing needs of the mobile workforce, Upside Learning announced today the release of Upside2Go for BlackBerry® smartphones.

Now along with iPhone and iPad users, BlackBerry users too can enjoy easy access to information and training activities in the form of videos, podcasts, documents and HTML courses, besides having a mobile-based approach to real-time sharing and collaborating. While training departments can create and deliver training and information to its mobile workforce instantly - anytime, anyplace.

Commenting on this release, Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning, said, “Blackberry has a strong foothold in the corporate sector, while Upside2Go is a solution that has been specially designed for the mobile workforce. So, Upside2Go for BlackBerry was a logical extension in order to increase its relevance to corporate mobile workforce.” Speaking about Upside2Go, he further added, “Upside2Go is a solution that would address organisations’ multiple (and common) challenges about managing training for their mobile workforce easily and effectively.”

Upside Learning plans to release an Android version of Upside2Go by this year end. The tablet version of this app also figures on the product development road map and will be out in the market soon.