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Upside Learning Announces Administration Services For UpsideLMS

June 2011

The UpsideLMS Administration Services comprise a wide spectrum of tasks and processes, from the simple to complex, and are provided 24 hours a day on weekdays (from Monday to Friday). The company assures its customers round-the-clock access with real-time response and minimum waiting period.

Some of the tasks covered in these services are User Management, Content Management, Administrative Tasks for Multi-Tenant Systems, Training and Certification Reporting, to mention a few. Each of these tasks is further divided into a number of sub-tasks, which are taken care by the UpsideLMS Administration Services team too.

Further, Upside Learning has pre-designed various packages for these services. Customers can choose from three service packages depending on their business need and the implementation stage of the LMS. These are the Starter Package (ideal for new LMS implementation), Annual Package (ideal for customers who have gone beyond the first 6 months of a new LMS or those actively using the LMS over a long term) and By The Hour Package (ideal when there is a high variance in the volume of administration work on a regular basis).

More information on UpsideLMS Administration Services is available on the company’s website. To know more, please visit website