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Upside Learning to Help Small & Medium Businesses Select the Right LMS; To Sponsor Brandon Hall Research Free Webinar

December 2010

Upside Learning has been at the forefront of learning technology and innovation, and strives to address key industry problems. One of them is about the process of selecting the right Learning Management System for Small- and Medium- Businesses (SMBs). Continuing with this mission, Upside Learning is sponsoring a Brandon Hall Research webinar titled - How to Select the Right LMS for Your Small/Medium Business. Scheduled on January 19th, 2011, this would be the first of many webinars that the company plans to sponsor.

The thought for the webinar is rooted in the fact that Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are playing an increasingly important role in workplace learning by providing a suitable platform for learners and managers to manage learning effectively. Although large organisations have adopted these systems readily, their high costs and technological infrastructure requirements have prevented Small- & Medium- Businesses to utilise LMSs to their full potential.

In our 6+ years of market experience, we have observed that Small- & Medium- Businesses still have a number of questions with respect to selecting and investing in an LMS. While efforts to address these problems, at individual customer level, continue at our end, we believe that a webinar will help us reach out and share the knowledge with a wider audience.

Amit Gautam Director – Technology Solutions
Upside Learning

This free webinar aims to address the critical problems and questions faced by most of the SMBs while selecting an LMS. The webinar will not only discuss various aspects, like technology and pricing, which need to be considered during the review process, but it will also describe a disciplined methodology to be followed by SMBs while selecting an LMS.

Tom Werner, a Brandon Hall Research senior analyst in charge of LMS research, along with Richard Nantel, CEO of Brandon Hall, will conduct the 1 hour session, sharing insights on how to make LMS selection efficient and accurate. The session would be concluded by a Q&A session wherein the participants would have an opportunity to interact with the experts one-on-one.

Further he added, “This webinar is recommended especially for those Small- and Medium- Businesses that are planning to buy an LMS but are unsure about the selection process. We are certain that the webinar will help clear most misconceptions surrounding the LMS and assist organisations in taking more informed decision.”

The Free 60 minute webinar will be held on January 19, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

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