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Upside Learning Enables 7 More Training Companies To Grow Business With Online Training

August 2009

August 2009 – The recent financial crisis has hit companies across the globe very hard and it is nothing different for both training companies and learning solutions service providers like Upside Learning. However during the last few months we have found a significant increase in the number of training companies now looking at expanding their current classroom training business model to deliver the training online as well. As travel budgets shrink, online learning gives them access to a new revenue stream. Also with eLearning itself becoming an increasingly acceptable medium to deliver training, selling online training to new and existing customers is not so difficult now.

In last 4 months a total of 7 training companies, who have so far been successful at conducting training in classroom mode, have found a perfect solution in UpsideLMS ? Upside Learning’s flagship product to serve their customers online training, effectively and effortlessly. UpsideLMS provided them the right platform, using UpsideLMS OnDemand services, which enabled them to go live in a matter of weeks, set up eCommerce securely on the training portal and manage the process very easily. The assurance of the best?in?class support from Upside Learning makes it much easier for training companies without adequate IT infrastructure also to go online with their training, with full confidence.

Upside Learning offers a host of other services for training companies including content development, training and support which are essential parts of the online training mode. UpsideLMS is a standards?compliant, completely web?based Learning Management System available in On?Demand and On?Site deployment modes.