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Upside Learning, in association with Skill-Pill M-Learning, brings world class mobile learning solutions to India.

November 2009

Upside Learning has tied up with Skill-Pill to resell the mobile learning catalog content in India and a few other regions. Skill-Pill designs and produces short, high-impact pills of knowledge and motivational content. The pills are developed to reinforce recent skills training and business communication. Upside Learning believes mobile technology has the potential to really make learning anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

Simply put - Skill-Pills are two minute learning videos which can be delivered straight to your mobile device. You can view them whenever you have the time, wherever you are. These pills (over 100 in number and growing) are available across various domains like Leadership, Management, Personal Skills, & Sales.

This alliance allows us to extend our reach globally, with a particular focus on Indian markets. We look forward to see Skill-Pills used by customers from different cultures and backgrounds.

Gerry Griffin Media Founder

Upside Learning is also working with Skill-Pill to develop custom pills for clients. Custom pills are great to provide pre- and post-workshop information, reminders, and others. Some companies have found custom Skill-Pills are a great way to deliver employee communication. The short length and delivery on a mobile device means Pills can be focused and personal communication for busy employees.

Amit Garg, Co-founder of Upside Learning, says "The eLearning domain will surely transform in the coming years with more training moving to handheld mobile devices, and such devices will become the delivery platforms of choice in the future. We are very pleased to partner with SPML to resell their bite sized m-Learning nuggets as this only enhances the range of offerings for our clients."