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Upside Learning announces LMS exchange program

September 2009

September 2009 - Upside Learning today announced an exciting opportunity for organisation already using an LMS (learning management system) and looking to switch to a new LMS. UpsideLMS Version 4.0, in both editions ? Professional and Enterprise, is available for the exchange program and offers significant cost savings.

Along with the cost savings we are also focusing on easier and faster data migration including content, users, and training records. Training companies gain from enabling migration in days rather than weeks, saving migration dollars as well. Currently we are working with a customer who has over 150 customers with over 75000 users and a big library of content. Our focus on ensuring a low total cost of migration has let this customer switch to UpsideLMS and the migration activity is showing wonderful results already.

Amit Gautam Director – Technology solutions
Upside Learning

“According to a recent survey earlier this year by Bersin & Associates, Inc. a high number of LMS customers are not satisfied with their LMS. However switching to another LMS is not easy either. In addition to the technical challenges there are cost considerations as a new LMS purchase results in additional fixed and ongoing costs. In many cases the current LMS may not have been in use long enough for costs to have been recovered fully, or a failed implementation or poor usage may already be leading to losses. This is where UpsideLMS Version 4.0 comes in with a dual promise of a robust, proven system and, through the switch and save offer, offered with an attractive total cost of ownership as well as low switching cost” explains Amit Gautam, Director of Technology solutions at Upside Learning.

The primary benefits of the Switch and Save offer are: 1) An unconditional 50% saving on the one-time UpsideLMS Activation fees for both UpsideLMS Professional and UpsideLMS Enterprise; 2) for On-Site deployment (for both Professional and Enterprise editions), an additional saving in terms of extended technical support free for 9 months beyond the typical warranty period. The offer is valid till 31 March 2010 midnight Pacific Time.

UpsideLMS Professional is an ideal solution designed and packaged specifically for SMBs and Training companies while UpsideLMS Enterprise is perfect for large enterprises.