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UpsideLMS crosses the 100,000 user mark

September 2008

Upside Learning’s flagship product, UpsideLMS, has taken only a little over three years to cross the 100,000-user mark.

This powerful, web-based, standards-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) can be installed as a hosted service or a behind-the-firewall implementation. Easily customisable to suit each organisation’s learning processes and needs, UpsideLMS has been installed at over 25 locations worldwide and is capable of supporting a high concurrent load of users.

It includes a rich set of features and functions for enterprise-wide delivery, monitoring, and reporting; an assessment engine for conducting online exams; and a variety of collaborative learning tools such as online chat, forums, and FAQs that help promote interaction among learners.

The rapid acceptance and spread of UpsideLMS demonstrates its success and popularity as an LMS for both corporate and academic implementations. It has also featured twice in Brandon Hall Research's LMS KnowledgeBase repository, in 2007 and in 2008.

Click here for a no-obligation 14 days free trial of UpsideLMS. If you are a Non-governmental or Non-profit organisation (NGO or NPO), or an organisation with under 100 members, Upside Learning can offer you an extended trial period of 3 months.