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UpsideLMS Pricing

Your UpsideLMS comes with the goodness of:

Learner Engagement

  1. AI-powered Recommendation Engine
  2. Mobile App
  3. Multi-device Responsive
  4. Gamification
  5. Social Learning
  6. Multi-lingual Support
  7. Learner Support Tools
  8. Multiple Content Type
  9. Offline Mobile Learning

Training Management

  1. eCommerce
  2. Multi-portal Architecture
  3. Custom Branding
  4. Content Authoring
  5. Ready-to-use Content

Easy Administration

  1. Analytics & Reporting
  2. High Scalability
  3. High Configurability
  4. Complete Security
  5. System Rollout Training

More for Less

  1. Free Cloud Hosting
  2. Free Tech Support
  3. Free Upgrades

Off-the-Shelf Courses Pricing

Over 80K ready-to-use courses and videos with the goodness of:

UpsideLMS | Microlearning


UpsideLMS | eLearning


UpsideLMS | Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

UpsideLMS | Diverse Topics

Diverse Topics

UpsideLMS | Award-winning libraries

Award-winning libraries

UpsideLMS | Content created by SMEs

Content created by SMEs

UpsideLMS | Modern Learning Content

Modern Learning Content

UpsideLMS | 10K+ Courses & Videos

75K+ Courses & Videos

Good to great L&D is a call away      

Good to great L&D is a call away

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