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All the basic functions in UpsideLMS

Getting to Know your UpsideLMS

All the basic functions in UpsideLMS, explained.

Content & Delivery Management |UpsideLMS

Content & Delivery Management

Learn how to upload, deliver and manage different types of training.

Upload and manage users | UpsideLMS

User Management

Learn how to upload and manage users; their roles and rights, and create Learning Groups.

Workflow Management | UpsideLMS

Workflow Management

Learn how the workflows in UpsideLMS are set for approvals, rejections, evaluations, etc.

Competency Management | UpsideLMS

Competency Management

Learn how you and your learners can manage required skills and competencies.

Team Management | UpsideLMS

Team Management

Learn how a Line Manager can manage his/ her team effectively.

Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration | UpsideLMS

Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration

Learn how your learners can collaborate and learn informally using social learning and knowledge collaboration tools.

Learning & Resources Management |UpsideLMS

Learning & Resources Management

Learn how you and your learners can manage their learning and resources.

Reports |UpsideLMS


Learn how to get performance analytics and business intelligence with reports.

Portal Management | UpsideLMS

Portal Management

Learn how you can custom brand the LMS as per your company identity.

Instructor role | UpsideLMS

Instructor role

Learn about the different roles and responsibilities of an Instructor.

Gamification | UpsideLMS


Learn how you can bring in learner engagement with UpsideLMS’ point-based Gamification Module.

Instructor Led Training |UpsideLMS

Instructor Led Training

Learn how you can set you Classroom Training sessions, complete with Batch Management and Attendance Marking.

Diagnostics |UpsideLMS


Learn how you can run system diagnostics through UpsideLMS to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning.

Good to great L&D is a call away      

Good to great L&D is a call away

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